Care Tips 10 beauty tips that made you more beautiful

10 beauty tips that made you more beautiful


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1.Do not shower

In this post we will tell you best beauty tips techniques that actually works.A warm shower after a weary working day may make you feel relaxed. But it doesn’t have any benefit to your skin. Unless the skin is drier. Because the warm water of the water washes away the skin’s natural moisture. After bathing, it feels that the skin is dry. Or if the drier, it will crack and cause itching as well Change to a warm bath or shower at an average temperature. In addition to the skin, The electricity charge is also reduced.

2.Tips for not getting lipids to stain teeth

Keep the lipstick that you use in beautiful colors. But when you smile and have a stain on the teeth, It’s not worth watching at all. Avoid this embarrassing story by After applying lipsticks, place the index finger in the mouth. About an inch or more deep (The hands must be clean.) Then make an O-shaped mouth “O” and pull the finger out. The lipstick on the inside of the lips will stick with the fingers. This will not stick to the lipstick stains on your teeth.

3.Let the hair dry naturally.

After washing your hair, if you can let your hair dry naturally, it is best. This helps prevent hair from being hurt by the heat of the hairdryer. But if you really need to use a hairdryer, set the heat level as low as possible. Will protect the hair from being heated until dry Keep your hair soft and long-lasting.

4.Apply eye cream before bed every night.

To protect and nourish the delicate skin around the eyes Applying eye cream every night before bedtime regularly will help maintain the moisture of the skin around the eyes, inhibit and slow down the formation of wrinkles around the eyes or crow’s feet Including dark circles under the eyes caused by shabby dry skin as well.

5.Pink Makeup

It is said that all pink makeup eye Will help to reduce the signs of fatigue and dullness around the eyes best Make the eyes look bright and instant

6.Fingertips moisturize, healthy nails with milk

Dip the finger into the bowl with warm milk. Leave for 5-10 minutes, then wipe it off with a microfiber cloth. Will help keep the fingertips moisturized Reduce the peeling of the skin around the nails, including nails. It is not easily brittle. Also stronger

7.Sharpener Tip – Lip Liner

Sharpening eyeliner and sharp lip liner are always available. Will make you clearly draw the eye line or the edge of the mouth Plus easy to draw Tips for sharpening are not tricky. Just bring an eyeliner or lip. Soak in the free space for about 10 minutes, then bring out to sharpen. The pencil will be easy to sharpen. And you will get an eye pencil – the lips are sharp, beautiful, and sharp.

8.Find a day to relax

Try to find a vacation. By allowing the body to be treated at the spa for a full day unless it is relaxed. The skin is also nourished by the treatment of the bath as well.

9.Apply lotion every day

Girls who choose to remove unwanted hair by shaving I have experienced some problems with hair loss. The ingrown hairs caused by the hairs that are about to germinate cannot penetrate outside the skin. Because the outer skin is very dry Can solve the problem by applying lotion on the shaving area regularly Which will help add moisture to the skin When the skin has good softness Hairs will be stabbed as usual. No more ingrown hairs.

10.Beautiful hair with olive oil

Use 2 tablespoons of olive oil to nourish hair thoroughly. And massage the scalp at the same time, then use a towel moistened with warm water and wrap around the head for 10-15 minutes, then rinse Wash your hair as normal. When the hair is dry, you will find Your hair is soft and bright.

Look, all the tips are all near the real thing. And not complicated, right? And the more we guarantee to be done, the more beautiful Like this, don’t forget to go back and try.I hope you will like all these beauty tips.Must try these beauty tips on your face. 

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