Body Care 10 Best Urgent weight loss Tips in 2019

10 Best Urgent weight loss Tips in 2019


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Today we will discuss 10 best Urgent weight loss Tips, reduce it within two weeks. Is a way to ensure that it is not dangerous and does not cause the system to break down.

Change the eating habits of breakfast

Breakfast is essential. But if you want to lose weight, yes, we can eat anything. It is recommended that you eat 1 cup of whole grains with almond milk. Or yogurt with berries Instead of eating sticky rice, roasted pork, or high-fat foods Because it helps to be easier to digest.


Lunch to maintain high protein foods


For lunch, recommend eating low-calorie foods. But mainly high protein, such as chicken breast, maybe consumed with cucumbers and tomatoes Or add two boiled eggs and a little carrot. Chicken breasts are foods that are low in fat and low in calories and are easy to digest. Which is suitable for people who want to lose weight in extreme ways.

high protenis

Eat two meals a day


Eating snacks during the day will help the digestive system to work fully. But the meals that this is not a high-calorie snack Should focus on eating fruits such as berries Or if you want to be sweet and want to eat sweets, choose sugar-free gelatin, crispy or almond cereal instead because it helps to fill the stomach. Plus not too fat!

two meals

Eat cold foods that are low in calories.


Dinner is considered an essential factor that makes it easy to lose weight. Therefore, choose a low-calorie dinner. The number of calories of dinner should be minimal after breakfast. And the lunch is simple: breakfast should get about 40 percent energy (about 700 kcal), 35 percent lunch (about 600 kcal) and 25 percent dinner (about 500 or 400 kcal) and more importantly, should eat Dinner before going to bed 4-6 hours.

Reduce sodium intake


Although salt and fish sauce Or all the ingredients will make the food taste more delicious overeating sodium Will make us swell quickly! Therefore, the food that we cook should reduce the salt or sodium to less.

Jump Rope every day

Jumping rope weight loss Tips because jumping the rope for just 15 minutes is equivalent to running for 30 minutes! By jumping rope, each day recommended jumping 10 minutes at a time, twice a day.

Jump Rope

Cardio 20 minutes a day


 In addition to jumping rope Other cardio exercises Also helps to burn well as well Whether running on the treadmill or running on the road It is recommended to run 20 minutes a day by running to help increase the heart rate. Causes the circulatory system to be injected Body burns Turn sugar into fat And help reduce fat accumulation in other parts as well.


Drink lemon juice every morning


Besides, food Water is also essential to make weight loss more effective by suggesting to drink warm water by adding a slice of lemon in the morning of every day and drinking this lemonade every morning Will help detox and burn fat better!

Turn to regular yoga practice.


Yoga not only helps to relax the muscles Relieve aches only. Girls But yoga also helps to strengthen the muscles, whether it’s the abdomen, thighs or arms as well. Plus, some yoga can also help stimulate the digestive system. Makes us usually sweat, too.



Sleep for 8 hours

Is a simple way But useful because sleep deprivation will cause hormones in the body to change Which results in us getting fat! By sleeping at least 8 hours a day will help control sugar levels and control fat accumulation Resulting in more effective weight loss!


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