Healthy Food 10 Great Benefits of Orange|Vitamin C is Orange?

10 Great Benefits of Orange|Vitamin C is Orange?


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Orange Sweet and sour fruit Classified as a steamed in popular fruit when you eat, feel refreshed immediately. It is also a source of vitamins is a mineral well, including vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and collagen, as well as health and beauty benefits emphasize the highlights? The orange contains the vitamin. How much is C? Read this full post for Benefits of Orange.

Benefits of citrus, sources of vitamins and minerals

  • Orange contains anti-oxidants Helps build collagen Helps in aging Helps to make the skin healthy Shine bright, not dry
  • Help nourish the eyes Prevent cataracts
  • Help strengthen bones With calcium and vitamin D from oranges Repair the wear and tear on our body.
  • Helps to build immunity for the body Can reduce stress In addition to drinking orange juice The orange peel can also be used as an essential oil to help the body relax and stimulate the nervous system as well.
  • Help prevent coronary heart disease Scurvy, heart disease, reducing the chance of cancer of the larynx and the stomach
  •  Orange with high fiber Can help in the excretion Detoxifying the intestines
  • Contains beta-carotene, helping to slow down the degeneration of hair, nails, and skin, helping the vessel wall. Strong capillaries
  • Orange peel contains essential oils that help relieve dizziness. Is a mild laxative and contains cholesterol-reducing agents Helps adjust blood sugar levels And helps filter toxins in the liver Help destroy cancer cells
  • The dried orange peel When taken to the spot, it will smell and have mosquito repellent properties.
  • Citrus eating can help digest high-fat foods.

Caution for people who think to eat oranges

  • Children must be over 6 months old and to drink orange juice that must be mixed with water in half. To reduce irritation for children
  • People with diabetes or kidney disease Or think that it is about to lose weight Should eat in the right amount with caution Because orange has high sugar and potassium Should choose to eat because the orange has more fiber than is thought to be orange juice

How much vitamin C or citrus?

  • 100 grams of fresh citrus fruit contains 82 micrograms of beta-carotene and 50 mg of vitamin C
  • 1 orange, in general, has an average weight of 140 grams, equivalent to 1 orange, 70 mg vitamin C and 115 mcg beta carotene.
  • In summary, eating an orange on a daily basis is a good thing,  not too much, not too much, and also helps prevent certain types of cancer. These are some best Benefits of Orange.
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