Care Tips 10 important beauty tips that girls should pay attention

10 important beauty tips that girls should pay attention


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1.Own skin condition

There are many beauty tips for girls but some necessary tips discuss in this post.Many people do not know their own skin condition, whether it is oily skin, combination skin or dry skin, they often choose to use the product according to their close friends, such as mothers or friends, which may adversely affect the skin … So first of all, girls Should have to understand about their own skin first. Then try to find skincare products to use. By consulting with the staff or pharmacist before buying that product

2.Cleaning the face with soap

Some people believe that cleansing your face with just soap is enough. Which is a wrong belief (Meaning the soap that is used on the body)? In this article, girls should be more careful with the facial cleansing products. In addition to choosing to suit your skin type. There are also a variety of choices, such as cleansing gel, some facial cleansing foam may come in the form of soap. Which must be the right choice That is the only soap used for the face Do not use soap to rub on the face. Otherwise, the face is dry easily.This is best beauty tip for girls.

3.Cleansing with a single foam is sufficient.

This may be good for girls. That doesn’t makeup But if you have to make a soft make-up from your home as you age Do not neglect the cleanser to clean the makeup. Because it will help clean the face thoroughly By washing the face with soap first. Then wash again with facial foam.


Do not pay attention to apply sunscreen. Many girls tend to think that it is not the age to be meticulous with their own face, even though they are afraid of sunlight all the time. But starting early can prevent many skin problems very well, whether it is freckles or dark spots, so start using sunscreen before leaving the sun every time since now. Better than having a blemish and then looking for a solution later Sometimes it doesn’t catch up.

5.Dry skin with powder coating

Applying powder in spite of That is a super dry skin .. ah, don’t forget to do it like this If there is no use of moisturizer first Because applying powder on the dry face will make a face drier. Even if it is winter, do not mention The skin has been cracked countless times, so girls should find moisturizers or creams that moisturize first. Then, how much powder can be applied?

6.Popularity of cheap

Buying cheap supplies is a good thing. But please exclude them for cosmetics and skincare products Whether it’s cream, lotion or lipstick and makeup on the face. Please focus on quality first. Study well before making a purchase. Use the right thing. If the page is broken up, don’t protect.

7.Focus on nourishing each face, neck

Han, of course, said too many of you. Type focusing on skincare only for clear skin But letting the neck be different tones And without moisture, like this Let’s start nourishing the entire face and neck as well. Which the product used with this neck may be the same as that used on the face Or maybe a body lotion

8.Use the cream to prevent and reduce wrinkles early.

Understand that women, regardless of age, are afraid of each other. But don’t just panic since being a teenager. It is not comfortable to appear on the face. During this age, the product should not be used to reduce wrinkles. It is not necessary to focus on products that provide the best moisture. Because of our skin has moisture, it will be difficult to aging.

9.Like to eat fast food, smoke and drink alcohol

People who accidentally do this behavior Can prepare before the age Because all these three factors are damaging to the firmness of the skin. So who’s already missed? Or thinking of smoking and drinking alcohol. Try to think again.

10.Like to sleep late

Whether it’s because of chat Or playing a social network Did you know that refusing to relax and take time to sit and be happy, do something, do it late at night, can not substitute sleep to rest? Because even though it doesn’t feel sleepy But should sleep early and sleep enough So that the skin can rest and revitalize itself No problem with the skin comfortably.

This time when I knew that What is your face? Then gradually choose a maintenance machine. Do not hurry, stuffed, and put your face too much, cute, bright, best.must use these beauty tips on our face.I hope you will like all these beauty tips for girls.

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