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6 Drinks you shouldn’t drink if you’re trying to lose weight


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Lose weight is not an easy to process. With some drinks, we can be combining hundreds of calories without even noticing. If you are interested in losing weight must avoid these drinks.

The solid foods make you feel satiated for longer. If you are trying to lose weight, the best thing would be for calories to be contributed mainly by food and not drink.

We give you a list of drinks that you should avoid, or at least reduce your consumption if you are trying to lose weight 

1. Coffee drinks

It does not mean that you have to give up caffeine, you just have to modify some habits.

Avoid adding supplements that transform it into a calorie bomb, such as whole milk, creams, creams or syrup. If you don’t like coffee alone, opt for skim milk and avoid the other supplements that add lots of calories, fat, and extra sugar. 

To sweeten it, use an artificial sweetener that has zero calories. Especially if you are one of those who likes to drink more than one coffee a day, the sugar you put on each coffee is added.

2. Light refreshments

The artificial sweeteners used in dietary drinks are much sweeter than table sugar, so once we get used to that intense sweetness, less sweet healthy foods like fruits and vegetables become less attractive.

That means that people who regularly drink diet drinks may be more likely to prefer foods with a lot of sugar.

3.Iced tea

Almost all types of prepared iced tea contain sugar, so if you want to lose weight they are not a good idea. They contain both added sugar and a soda.

4. Juices

Even the most natural juices are loaded with sugar.  A glass of 100% grape juice contains 9 teaspoons of sugar, a glass of 100% orange juice has 6 teaspoons, and a glass of 100% apple juice has 7 teaspoons. 

Many consumers mistakenly believe that, since sugar comes from fruit it is better. But do not fool yourself, it has the same effects as any other type of sugar.

Although natural juice is always a better option than a soda, it is important to limit its consumption.

Always choose to eat whole fruits. When we eat whole fruits, their fiber content helps us metabolize sugars and makes us feel full. Although natural fruit juices also contain some fiber, they don’t make us feel so satiated. 

5. Smoothies

Do not think that a smoothie made of fruits and vegetables (smoothies) is a good idea for your diet.

Smoothies may be a healthy option, but control the portions! If you don’t usually eat five servings of fruit at once, why should you drink them? 

6. Energy drinks

You want to lose weight and decide to go to the gym to burn calories. You may think that with one of those low-calorie energy drinks without sugar you will get an energy injection that will help you achieve better results. But, this is a mistake.

With a healthy diet, exercise and sleeping well you should not need any extra energy, either from caffeine or any other beverage that will only give you calories. 

7. Flavored waters

Flavored waters are often loaded with sugar, artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, synthetic aromas, and even food colors. If you want the water to have some flavor, add some fresh fruit. 






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