Care Tips 6 Reason why not lose weight?

6 Reason why not lose weight?


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Have you ever wondered why you can’t lose weight despite eating healthy and exercising? Although you may ignore it, weight loss is the sum of several factors. Discover some frequent mistakes.

After several months on a diet, many people start asking “why not losing weight?”. Despite basing the diet on healthy foods, and even exercising, some fail to reduce those extra pounds. 

The problem is that weight loss is a complex process that is achieved with the sum of several factors. For this reason, beyond diet and exercise, it is necessary to correct some errors that become an obstacle to lose weight.

Reasons why I don’t lose weight

1. Eat too little

Do you eat only vegetables with a grilled steak? Do you only have fruit dinner? Although it is contradictory, reducing caloric intake too much and following a very strict diet causes our metabolism to slow down and enter “saving mode.” That is, we will spend fewer calories than we should, so losing weight will be increasingly difficult.

Also, you will go hungry and more likely to have binge eating. This is not healthy, and you cannot keep it in time. Therefore, to know your energy requirements, it is appropriate to go to a dietitian or nutritionist, who has the powers to advise you.

Eating too little is not the best alternative to lose weight. Although at first, it seems to work, later it affects the increase in anxiety and binge eating.

2. Exceed on weekends

You take good care of the diet during the week, but on the weekend you stick to a banquet? It’s no use doing a stringent diet from Monday to Friday, if at the end of the week you will recover everything.

It is best to maintain a constant diet throughout the week, although occasionally you give yourself a little treat. It is also essential to think about eating a healthy and conscious diet, rather than “I’m on a diet.”

3. Eat too fast

One of the reasons why you can not lose weight is to eat very fast, since your brain does not get the feeling of satiety and, therefore, you eat more than you should.

Also eating with television or mobile can influence because many times we do not realize what we are eating.

We recommend that you eat for at least 20 minutes and keep electronic devices out of your reach. Be aware of what you are eating.  Eating with family or friends,   and at the same time, can help you in this process.

4. Eliminate carbohydrates

It is a mistake to eliminate bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, or legumes from the diet. Eliminating carbohydrates can cause us more anxiety and that our body asks us for more sugar. So, we don’t eat pasta at lunch, but then we have cookies, chocolate or any candy.

Therefore, it is important not to exclude any macronutrient, but to reduce your total intake. For this, it is very useful to use the method of the dish following the Harvard dish  which consists of half the plate of vegetables, a quarter of a plate of protein (meat, fish, egg, dairy, legumes) and the other quarter of the plate of carbohydrates (bread, pasta, rice, potatoes) always prioritizing whole grains.

Eliminating all sources of carbohydrates in the diet is a mistake when the goal is to lose weight.
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5. Errors in physical exercise

So wrong is that you do not do physical activity as you do too much and little varied. Do not overestimate your caloric expenditure, walking 20 minutes a day is not enough to lose weight; You will need to walk for at least an hour. Or if you want the weight loss to be faster, perform the physical exercise with higher caloric expenditure.

On the contrary, the thought of “like everything I want, but then I get tired of doing physical exercise” is not the most useful since your weight will be stagnant.

And what happens if I have a caloric deficit and I do a correct physical exercise, but I don’t lose weight? In that case, it may be that you are gaining muscle and water since increasing muscle mass retains more water. But remember, the important thing is to decrease the percentage of body fat.

6. Don’t get enough sleep and be stressed

For a few years, we know that the quantity and quality of our sleep are directly related to our propensity to gain weight. A study published in Scientific Reports, suggests that lack of sleep causes a change in brain activity that pushes us to eat more fat.

Little sleep also increases stress, and with it, cortisol levels. The scientist Spendlove warns:

Cortisol is secreted by the adrenal glands in response to stress. Having elevated levels of this hormone can cause high blood sugar levels, which will lead to weight gain.

Are you still wondering “why not lose weight”? Then check your routines and verify that you are not making any of the mistakes we have mentioned. If so, try to correct it as soon as possible so that it does not intervene in your weight loss plan. 


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