Skin Care Benefits of rose water on your skin

Benefits of rose water on your skin


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In this article, we will tell you the best Benefits of rose water for our skin. Rosewater, or rose hydrosol, has long been used for its nourishing and soothing properties:

  • It is as much advised for sensitive skin as fat.
  • The rose smell of this water also brings relaxation to mind.

How to use rose water?

Rose water

The nature of rose contains molecules that act on the cells of the skin. It is like this:

  • softening
  • refreshing
  • moisturising, essential for the elasticity of tissues
  • regenerating

On the skin

Rose hydrosol can easily be used as:

  • makeup remover
  • Complement to a purifying mask: mix clay and rose water for a targeted action
  • ingredient for emulsion, milk or moisturiser

In the bath, it is advisable to pour a few drops of essential oil of rose, much harder than its hydrosol.

The plate

The toning action of rose water can be used in different ways for palates greedy:

  • Daily, it can be combined with cinnamon hydrosol in a large glass of fruit juice. Put a teaspoon of each or a tablespoon of a hydrosol.
  • In the South, this essence is often used to flavour pastries.
  • In the cocktail recipes, rose water makes its small effect.

Where does rose water come from?

This particular water results from the distillation of the rose petals. It occurs as follows.

Hydrodistillation of rose petals

Distillation makes it possible to obtain the odorant molecule from the plant material:

  • We collect the rose petals in a big boiler full of water, or we place them on a grid over the water.
  • The smell is first released in the gaseous state when we heat the still.
  • The gas which passes into the liquid state is then cooled in a cooling coil immersed in water.
  • At the end of the coil, a tank collects the condensed water.

The liquid thus obtained is more charged in odorous molecule than the water in which the petals were bathed. I hope you will like this article Benefits of rose water for our skin, must visit our website on a regular basis for more updates.

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