Skin Care Daily Beauty Tips to Improve the Appearance of the...

Daily Beauty Tips to Improve the Appearance of the face


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To improve the appearance of the face, you don’t need a magic mirror that tells us how divine we are. We already know that! But following a few tips daily will make us look better at the end of the week.

Surely more than once they have told you that you have a bad face, and you “hiding” had replied that you are tired, when in fact it was not so! 

And is that fatigue is not just a physical issue. The skin also suffers stress and exhaustion, in addition to being exposed to environmental factors that contribute to the face looking duller.

Lead an accelerated pace of life; always in a hurry, pollution, tobacco, sun, cold, bad eating … All these factors, together with lack of sleep, influence “and much” on the health and appearance of the face.

Beauty of the face begins inside

This is a phrase that you will surely be tired of hearing, but the truth is that it is like this: good habits are the basis for improving the appearance of the face and part of those habits include the use of facial masks.

Our body is made up of 60% water, which we lose throughout the day through sweat, urine or simply breathing. That is why this constant supply of water becomes so necessary.

Control the consumption of fats and caloric drinks. You have to consume fruits, which in addition to staying hydrated are diuretics and purify the body. They provide a lot of vitamins, which will be reflected in the appearance of your face.

Sport is essential to feel good inside and out. Go, run, jump, nothing … Do what motivates you most, but do it.

1. Discover your skin type

The most important thing is that you know your skin type. If it is reasonable, oily, dry, mixed or if you have sensitive or atopic skin because you will have to acquire the most suitable products for it.

2. Do not sleep makeup

I take it for granted that you never sleep with makeup because it would be the worst thing you could do.

At night while we sleep, our skin begins to work on what is called “cell regeneration,” something that will be impossible if your pores are clogged.

And you also don’t want your skin to continue absorbing the impurities of your makeup, or those that have adhered to it during the day.

3. Say no to cleansing wipes

Do not use cleansing wipes, because, in addition to contributing to environmental pollution, all you will get is to clean your face superficially.

To remove makeup, I, in particular, I use micellar water because my skin is rather sensitive, and I am doing great. But in the cosmetics market, there are many gels and foams to clean the skin in depth.

4. Use a facial tonic

A facial tonic is essential to seal the pores after cleansing and restore the PH. It also promotes blood flow and acts as a firming and decongestant.

5. Different creams for day and night

Use specific creams for each moment. Day creams protect you from the sun and pollution while illuminating the face. In contrast, those at night are designed to promote the regeneration of cells and repair the damage caused during the day.

6. Gesture

The facial exercises will help to prevent facial muscles relax and thus combat facial sagging.


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