Body Care Take care of your lips best method

Take care of your lips best method


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Lip careLip care is very important for everybody. In oral hygiene, we think of the care of the mouth with the use of toothbrush and toothpaste, or even a mouthwash to fight against halitosis. But we often forget the care of the lips.

Lip Care: a sensitive area

The lips have a tendency to dry out, to tug, even to split and reveal nasty chaps. This fragility is explained by the anatomy of the skin of the lips, very different from the rest of the skin of the face  :

  • The skin of the lips is indeed much thinner than that of the rest of the face and has no stratum corneum.
  • It has no glands to produce sebum and sweat and thus creates a protective film on its surface.

As a result, the lips dry out and we feel the need to constantly pass the tongue over to moisten them. Worse, we nibble the small dead skin that comes off, sometimes to the blood.

Protect your lips: regular care

To protect oneself the lips allows to keep them beautiful and soft. Too often limited to the use of a balm when one goes to winter sports, the lip care must actually be daily to be effective.

  • Above all, it is necessary to exfoliate the lips before moisturizing them. When you do your facial scrub, you can pass gently on the lips to eliminate dead skin on its surface.
  • On a daily basis, you have to moisturize your lips with a balm, especially after drinking a coffee or a glass of water, after eating a piece, etc.
  • Before applying makeup, which tends to dry lips, think of applying a generous layer of balm, which also improves the holding of lipstick.

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Lip care: choose your lip balm

What is asked of a lip balm is to nourish the lips and protect them. As with all cosmetics, it is important to look at the composition of the products before choosing. In the case of lip balm, there are those based on natural products and the others:

  • The balm natural lip consists primarily of butter and vegetable oils: shea butter, cocoa, sweet almond oil, macadamia oil, etc., which are generally added preservatives.
  • The balm organic lip is made as the label implies, organic natural products whose content is highly variable. To better navigate, we can rely on labels and certifications.
  • The other main lip balms are paraffin (that is, compounds derived from the petrochemical industry) or silicones, to which synthetic dyes and fragrances, often allergenic, are added.
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