Totkay Teeth whitening at home best method

Teeth whitening at home best method


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In this article, we will tell you best method for teeth whitening at Yellow home teeth, dull teeth, glowing teeth, the blot is an issue that causes many people to lose confidence especially when smiling saw teeth whitening is one approach to help the teeth seem more clear and noticeably faster.  Many people can think that teeth whitening must be done at the dentist clinic only. But today we can get Teeth whitening by yourself at home. It also has excellent outcomes, almost equal to a dental clinic.

teeth Whitening

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is the use of certain substances such as hydrogen peroxide to react with the tooth.  And changing the teeth colour to seem brighter, Therefore acceptable for people with natural yellow teeth Or the teeth have colour from the stains on the teeth That has changed the colour of their teeth to white, there are many ways, such as using toothpaste using whitening teeth Or use products for a variety of types of white teeth. But what we will urge now is teeth whitening with a dental crown tray with teeth whitening gel Which is a self-bleaching method that can be known as the best result.

What to do with your teeth whitening?

To begin with, we have to get a set of equipment for teeth whitening by ourselves. Which are either utilized under the constraint of the dentist and the buy form for use from the general pharmacy without needing the dentist to recommend? The difference between these two types of teeth whitening gear is that the concentration of hydrogen peroxide in teeth whitening solution.  Which the type that Is Usually available will be concentrated.The Gear that is from the teeth whitening kit itself is

  • A dental crown, if it’s a dental crown from the dental clinic, The dentist will publish the tray that’s acceptable for every patient’s tooth form. Makes teeth whitening more successful in calling the tooth surface
  • Teeth whitening gel Will have a mixture of hydrogen peroxide about 10 percent or less
  • Syringes for injecting bleaching teeth

How to prepare before whitening?

Before the teeth whitening procedure You should clean and prepare the mouth and teeth according to the following instructions.

  • Brush your teeth clean By using toothpaste that contains potassium nitrate, which helps to decrease the tension of the nerves in the teeth Consequently reducing tooth sensitivity that can occur from dental bleaching
  • To get scaling with the dentist Because of the thick limestone stains, it may result in bleaching not receiving the best outcomes possible. Or bleaching, then the teeth don’t seem much white
  • Visit the dentist and fill out the decayed teeth completely. And if there’s a toothache, you should visit the dentist to check before deciding to bleach.

Manual whitening procedure

This is the manual method for teeth whitening at home:

  • When starting to bleach teeth To use the injection gel for whitening teeth Or apply the gel onto the crown tray
  • Put the crown tray to fit the tooth shape. Leave for 1–4 hours according to the dentist’s instructions or instructions on the product label used.
  • Regularly whitening teeth And continue for 1–3 weeks

Results from self-whitening

Every time teeth will become white and brighter.  However, every individual’s teeth might not be skinnier.  Determined by the beginning tooth color amount of masking tooth And the concentration of whitening gel used as nicely But should also understand the outcomes in the teeth whitening itself don’t make the teeth whiter.  And after quitting teeth whitening The teeth may become darker in color with time. Mainly when eating foods which include discoloration and stains on teeth, like tea, coffee, soft drinks, such as neglecting dental hygiene, such as cleaning teeth thoroughly Don’t use dental floss.   

Care after whitening

Oral and dental care after teeth whitening is necessary to help whiten teeth longer. With the following recommendations

  • Brush your teeth thoroughly at least two times a day and may use a toothpaste containing potassium nitrate. To prevent tooth sensitivity from dental bleaching
  • Avoid drinking tea, coffee, soft drinks, cold-colored foods, various sauces, including candies and desserts. Because these foods will make yellow teeth faster
  • If you want the teeth to be bright white for a long time Should refrain from smoking too
  • If the teeth are susceptible to take painkillers such as paracetamol to help relieve symptoms.
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