Care Tips The 10 keys to improve your dental health

The 10 keys to improve your dental health


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Dental health is very important for human beings.During the summer, our daily habits are modified, increasing the risk of tooth decay and dental erosion. This is due to the different routines in our diet, to the hygiene disorder and extreme temperature changes.

CARE WITH WHAT WE DRINK: Avoid frequently drinking carbonated drinks or acidic juices. These can decalcify the tooth enamel and cause premature wear. Drinking coffee and drinking wine favors the appearance of stains on the teeth.

ALERT WITH TOBACCO: Smoking, in addition to being detrimental to our overall health, is very negative for dentures. Nicotine darkens enamel and stains teeth, causing gum disease and can cause long-term loss of teeth. In addition, tobacco stimulates loss of mucosal permeability, reducing oxygenation and leading to premature aging and the absence of health of the piece and the tissues surrounding the tooth.

DO NOT FORGET THE PROTEINS in your diet, it can be our ally. In addition, it is advisable to increase the consumption of calcium, fluoride and vitamins A, C, D and K. – ATTENTION !, A diet based on protein intake as a basis for food can be harmful to health, causing the body react by destroying the protein generated by the body and not the fat. This deficit also has negative consequences on oral health, since it conditions the inflammatory response and favors gum disease and can lead to tooth loss. Hyperproteic diets also affect the immune status, reduce the volume, the chemical and physical antibacterial properties of saliva and cause a deficit of vitamins of groups A, B and C.

HOT PLATES WITH CAUTELA. When temperatures drop, we feel like tasting hot dishes, but you have to be cautious, since sudden changes in food temperature (from cold to hot or vice versa) can cause dental sensitivity due to the involvement of blood vessels and the nerves of the teeth . Even, in the long term, the necrosis of these tissues.

SWEET UP WITH MODERATION !: Caries-producing bacteria feed especially on sugar-rich foods. It is important to reduce your consumption and brush your teeth immediately. Not only are candies and sweets made up of sugar, sodas are rich in carbohydrates.

LIGHT FOODS TO EXAM. After the excesses of summer, our intention to monitor the diet and lose weight increases. We must pay attention to these “sugar free foods”, as they are harmful to our teeth in excess. People associate “light food” with “sugar-free food”, but this is not the case, but they are low-calorie foods, but they can cause tooth decay just like other types of food, since they contain sugars.

  1. Say “NO” TO BAD HYGIENE. In the “back to school” the habit of oral care should be performed three times a day, vertically and circularly, with a soft bristle brush. A cleaning 10 is composed of paste containing fluoride, dental floss and mouthwash and has to include the tongue and palate and massage the gums with circular movements in each brushing.




BRUXISM. The harmful habit of grinding your teeth or clenching them excessively wears their surface, affecting the dental support (ligament, bone and gum), which causes abnormal mobility of the teeth and discomfort in the jaw joint. It may be caused by having discolored teeth and excessive stress, but the dentist helps you make this bad habit go away. b. Back to everyday life, stress and work, make our bad habits appear again. Biting pencils, ice or our nails, when we are nervous, is an example of this. It is a negative habit especially because it causes microorganisms in the teeth and greatly affects the temporize-mandibular joint.

Not everything is worth it. Beware of trends, such as decorating teeth. Perforations and piercings cause irreparable damage to the denture and tongue.

BACK TO SPORTS ROUTINE, but attention to dentures: A mouth in poor condition can impair sports performance, as it generates, among others: balance problems, muscle injuries, headaches and cramps. In addition, a high accumulation of bacteria in our mouth can cause them to travel through the blood and are deposited in the muscles, which would lead to a loss of fibrillar tone that could lead to various injuries, such as tears, joint pains or injuries of the tendons

VISIT THE DENTIST, even if we have no discomfort. Not doing so can be a problem, since small fractures in the teeth are frequent, caused by blows with glasses, in swimming pools, elbows, etc. (especially children). 

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